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Dermalactives New Age is a revolutionary beauty device that harnesses LED red and blue light combined with cold and heat therapy. it is used to reduce facial fine lines, reducing the sizesof pores and improve the appearance of skin

Main purpose – Hot and cold ion beauty instrument using advanced ionization technology to enhance the appearance of facial skin. Reduces the aging of wrinkles and tightens skin for a firmer, more whitening complexion.

Use the cold function to- •Firm the skin •Prevent allergies •Shrink pores •Lock in moisture •Reduce redness •Diminishes acne

Use the hot function to- •Relax muscles and relieve pain •Stimulate blood circulation •Skin becomes more elastic

How to use device- 1. Press and hold the first button (power button) for 3 seconds to activate 2. Machine will enter hot mode and there are 4 modes. click the 2nd button to switch between hot and cold settings. (Hot, Hot Sonic, Cold, Cold Sonic) 3. Use 3rd button to regulate light censors. Red light for firming skin and blue light for relaxing the skin. 4. Use 4th button to adjust to desired temperature in hot or cold settings. One bar for lowest temp. and five bars for max temp. 5. To turn off device, hold first button for 3 seconds. 5. For charging, turn off device and plug in, DO NOT charge device when machine is on After deciding which setting to use, sit back and massage in circular motions the device with your desired function to have a younger and smoother face


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