3 Main Benefits of Collagen and Elastin for your skin

When it comes to skin care, you’ve probably heard the words collagen and elastin too often and are by now wondering – what is all the fuss about?

To make it simple – collagen and elastin are two key proteins that work together on maintaining the skin’s strength and firmness.

Here are just some of the benefits they provide:

1. Resilience

Although elastin only makes up about 2% of total protein in the dermis of the skin (unlike collagen that makes about 80%), it is crucial for providing the skin with resilience. It helps the skin endure the constant stress it meets on a daily basis.

2. Firmness

Elastin is a protein that has elastic, rubber-like properties. It allows the skin to maintain its shape after being stretched or contracted.

3. Anti-wrinkle

Collagen and elastin are the reasons for your complexion’s firmness and plumpness. They are the only ingredients clinically proven to significantly increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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However, with time, our body produces less and less of these two youth proteins.

But, even though the loss of these skin beneficiaries is inevitable, reversing the damage is possible with the right combination of ingredients. At Dermalactives, this is one of our main goals.

In the search for perfect skincare, our team of scientists found this superduo and set them as the base of all our collections. Here are just some of our products that will infuse your skin with a youthful combination of ingredients, and give it a radiant look and feel.

Dermalactives blog post

Advanced Non Surgical Collagen Solution

In young skin the surface is soft, so reflected light is naturally diffused, displaying a smooth and bright complexion. The problem with wrinkles is that resulting shadows and ridges cut definition and contrast into features, absorbing the light and increasing the perception of age. Behold, Advanced Non Surgical Collagen Solution; an revolutionary serum that fills in the gaps to perform a real life wrinkle vanishing act. 

Purifying Triple Power Collagen Facial Peel

Beneath those dark spots and dead skin cells is a new layer of skin, a new beginning. Apply this scientifically formulated peel and prepare your skin for overall renewal and youthful firmness. This gentle peel makes the skin look clearer and firmer by reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmented areas. Eliminate clogged pores and improve elasticity using protein-rich collagen and elastin. Use this high-performance treatment weekly to unleash a younger and radiant look. 

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