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5 Benefits Of Body Scrubs and when not to use them

If you are still not using body scrubs, you are missing out on a number of benefits. The Dermalactives team is here to give you directions to a proper skin care routine path.

Here are five benefits of this much-necessary skin care product:

  1. Removes dead skin cells
    The skin cells on our body regularly shed to reveal a new, healthier layer underneath. It usually takes about a month before new cells reach the top layer of the skin. But as we get older, this process gets slower; a good body scrub is a great way to help your skin and speed up the shedding process.
  1. Refreshes skin appearance
    With the removed dead skin, the rough-looking layer and impurities are removed as well. Your skin looks and feels soft and gentle.
    Note: your knees and elbows probably need the most attention.
  1. Clears blemishes and reduces the chances of breakouts
    The older skin cells not only give you a rough look and feel, they also clog up your pores and don’t allow your skin to breathe. When you exfoliate your skin becomes healthier.
    Those who are experiencing skin discoloration as a result of tanning or blemishes often find that body scrubs are a good solution.
  1. Hydrates the skin
    When you remove an unnecessary layer, not only does your skin get hydrated at the same time, it has a much better chance of absorbing moisturizers and hydrating creams afterward.
  1. Minimizes the appearance of large pores
    The pores you cleansed have much more room for absorbing the beneficial ingredients you provide through moisturizers, creams or body butter.

When not to use body scrubs

If you have a skin condition, sunburn or a rash – give your body a break. Some of the ingredients, and also the actual rubbing, could irritate your skin.
You should also skip scrubbing after shaving, your skin is already irritated and further treatment could create a negative reaction, especially with sensitive skin.

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