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5 Reason We Love Our Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask

You can never go wrong with treating your skin to our Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask. Its exclusive age-defying treatment leaves your face glowing. The purpose of this mask is to achieve healthy beautiful skin. By rebuilding and nourishing our deepest layers of the skin. Any skin type will benefit due to its enriched antioxidant and powerful collagen, elastin, and omega 3 infused formula.

Of course, our first reason why we love Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask is that its gold! Not only will gold give you a beautiful youthful look but it has more benefits to it. Gold has an anti-inflammatory property and antioxidants to reduce acne, redness and protect from free radicals. These are radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage. Also, it slows down the collagen depletion and increases elasticity. Resulting in radiant skin.

The power of collagen! Collagen is the most powerful protein that gives us volume and glows to our skin, nails, and body. Our mask is infused with collagen to maintain the levels and to keep your skin radiant. It’s one of the reasons I just love the Gold Fusion Mask. It works wonders in maintaining your skin youth.

The Gold Fusion Mask prevents the breakdown of elastin to keep its elasticity and firmness. Skin goals are always about keeping firmness and elasticity into the mixes. This mask got it! This anti-aging mask stimulates the blood to regenerate the skin cells. To restore the skin to its natural youthful self.

Moisture! We all love to have the right amount of moisture, right? Well, this mask does it. There is a hold on the moisture to lock in the skin. The balance of moisture is very important for your skin to keep bacteria or fungi away.

Penetrating the skin is key to keeping a youthful look. The appearance this mask gives is flawless. By preventing dehydration and premature aging it leaves the skin radiant. The overall appearance is the goal for this mask.

Our Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask is a powerful treatment to restore your skin. Its antioxidants are vitamins C, E, and A and collagen works together to rebuild any skin type. Dermalactives goal is to nourish and rebuild its layers others can’t. 

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