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Our FDA approved, NEW AGE device is one of a kind LED light therapy treatment that is safe to use on any skin type. It specializes in diminishing scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. As well as erasing skin discoloration, improving firmness and revealing a youthful glow. This device is easy to use, lightweight, and fits perfectly in any place.

This revolutionary beauty device has a combination of Red and Blue LED light therapy. They both work for a specific treatment such as the red light for anti-aging and blue light for acne.


The blue light therapy is the best treatment for improving skin appearance by preventing acne, skin cancer and age spots. This pain-free treatment helps your epidermis layer to stay healthy. The photodynamic treatment conditions the surface of your skin to be protected by environmental damage and excess sebum. The purpose of the blue light therapy is to improve skin texture, prevent damage and reduce sebaceous hyperplasia, acne or enlarged oil glands.


The red light promotes tissue repair with its low-levels wavelength of light. This LED light works by producing a biochemical effect in cells that strengthen the power of the cell, the mitochondria. It is not a laser or intense pulsed light therapy due to it being safe to use for your skin. (There is no harm to your skin using this device) This anti-aging device improves scars, wrinkles, and fine lines while revealing a beautiful complexion. Using the red light on the New Age device also helps relieve pain from stiffness, inflamed joints, and arthritis. Other benefits from using the red light are reducing cellulite, boost your immune system and helps detoxifies the body by activating the lymphatic system.


*Please note that this device comes with a warranty program and we advise you to register your product for a limited time warranty on our website. *

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