Benefits of Purifying Day Cream

Hello ladies and gentlemen! We want to keep you updated on our Purifying Day Cream. This non-greasy cream is a must-have! It has to be included in your daily skincare essentials. After cleansing and toning your skin all you have to do is apply this cream to protect your skin throughout the day resulting in […]

Coconut Benefits For Your Skin

COCONUT! COCONUT! COCONUT! One of the natural ingredients we use in our skincare products is coconut. Coconut extract brings many benefits to your skin since its a natural anti-oxidant. Our Illuminating Gold Fusion Set is enriched with coconut benefits that reveal a luminous complexion. Coconut extraction can protect the skin from bacteria, and fungi. This […]


Ladies! We need to start sticking together! We can do better for our future generations to understand that it ain’t a man’s world, it’s a WOMAN WORLD! In this world, we shouldn’t be putting each other down and destroying each other over a boy or because someone has more than the other. As a woman, […]

Do we really need facials?

Facials Are A Must! Everyone has asked this question at least once in their life, “Do we really need facials?” The simplest answer is YES! There are many benefits to getting facials because it cleanses your skin from sebum, eliminating blackheads and whiteheads. Facials promote blood circulation, detoxifying and rejuvenating your skin appearance. It can […]

Why take some time off?

Everyone needs some time off from work, home and life in general. Why? There is a lot of things that happen to us that can drain our energy or mood. You might be struggling through a breakup, loss of a job, or someone special. You might just be going through a rough patch in your […]

Essential Skincare Products For Any Skin Type

The top five products you need on a daily or weekly bases to keep your skin glowing throughout the years! Everyone wants healthy-looking skin but most of us don’t know where to start. The struggle starts with what products you really need. There are many serums, mask, and creams that can improve your skin but […]


Let’s first take a moment and realize how beneficial sweet almonds are for the skin. ⁠There are many benefits in using sweet almond extraction to help keep your skin cells healthy. Almonds have all sorts of good vitamins and nutrients to create a perfect essential for your skin. 1. Calms & heals irritated skin. Having […]

Why Should We Work Out?

This is a question we all ask ourselves, why should we work out? Honestly, you can usually just think of one thing that really helps when working out which is loosing weight. But, it’s not the only benefit of working out. Obviously, our main goal when working out is to gain muscle or loose some […]

Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy We all struggle to find the perfect essentials and tips to keep our skin healthy throughout the years. There are so many things we can do for ourselves but most of us don’t have a lot of time or we can’t afford it. It’s a struggle, we […]


Anti-Age Defying Collection The Thermal X Collection is the perfect combination of age-defying treatments, designed to deliver superior results. Start with the revolutionary Age-Defying Thermal Heating Mask and you will instantly experience its effectiveness. Enhance the effect with our high-performance Thermal X serum. It’s highly recommended on its own. But together they make an unbeatable combination. Therefore, […]