Dermalactives Spa Collection
Wild Flower + Hand Sanitizer

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Spa Collection

The Dermalactives Spa Collections are perfect for replenishing dry skin and restoring its healthy glow.

Our Body scrub removes dead skin cells and improves the look of the skin while giving it a radiant glow. It encourages the natural flow of circulation and bodily fluids within.

The Dermalactives body butter replenishes dry skin and restores its healthy glow by providing the skin with essential vitamins and minerals. 

With our Spa Collection, your skin will get the nourishing treatment it deserves.

Hand Sanitizer

One of our goals is to help you stay safe and clean. In the pursuit of that goal, we have created the ultimate hand sanitizer, as a front line defense for good hygiene.

Our Hand Sanitizer actively fights off bacteria and viruses we come into contact with on a daily basis. The alcohol gel with pleasant, non-residual ingredients cleanse the skin’s surface effectively and fast.


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Wild Flower + Hand Sanitizer”

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