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Are we still in danger from COVID – 19?

Even though it seems as if the danger of COVID -19 is decreasing, we must not forget that we are still exposed to bacteria and viruses on a daily basis. The Coronavirus, as well as many others, can live up to 96 hours on your phone screen. One conducted study found that the average person picks up their phone 2,600 times per day, and touches their face 23 times per hour! But don’t worry, you can stay safe with simple precautions such as cleaning your phone daily. Here are a couple of suggestions from Apple. Also, The World Health Organization

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Why is the Dermalactives Hand Sanitizer the ultimate weapon against the Coronavirus

There is a lot of different kinds of hand sanitizer: gels, foams, alcohol-based, all-natural, ones that smell like lavender or camomile, but the only thing that really matters and works is one ingredient and its concentration – alcohol. A hand sanitizer that is over 60% ethyl alcohol is the only one that can fight germs efficiently. You may have come across alcohol-free sanitizers, with natural active ingredients like aloe vera; Keep in mind that they might kill some germs but not enough to keep you safe.  We know that alcohol kills viruses, but do not create your own hand sanitizer.

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The importance of good personal hygiene

During the pandemic and in general Personal hygiene habits, such as washing your hands, will help keep bacteria, viruses, and illnesses at bay.  Most bacteria in our bodies are supposed to be there; They help our metabolism and overall health. However, every day, you come into contact with millions of germs and viruses from the outside. They linger on your body, and in some cases, they can make you sick. Maintaining personal hygiene practices can help you and the people around you prevent illnesses. Our team of scientists is constantly working hard to help you improve your quality of life.

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