Mud Soap

The power and benefits of mud baths

We usually associate mud with something impure, opposite of a cleanser. But, did you know that mud can have immense benefits for your skin and mental health?  In the past years, mud baths have become more and more popular, but actually, they have been a way of cleansing the body and mind since ancient times – some even say that they have spiritual properties. Nowadays, they are natural detox treatments offered by luxury spas and resorts.  This is no surprise – soaking in the mixture of warmed mineral water, volcanic ash, and organic peat has a lot of benefits. Here

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3 reasons to use the Dermalactives Mud Soap

As a conscious brand, Dermalactives takes great care in promoting the importance of staying healthy and safe during the pandemic. Washing your hands often should be a priority – the least you can do to help break the chain. But in this situation, your skin is going to suffer. Have you already noticed the dryness? Hydrate!Keeping your skin hydrated has multiple benefits: Slows the visible signs of premature aging Staying well hydrated helps in maintaining your skin’s elasticity and decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Improves the appearance of your skinA lack of hydration can make your skin look dry, flaky,

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