Nail Kit


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To keep your figure-nails looking their best follow these simple guidelines:

Step 1: File in one direction to give nails the desired shape and length.

Step 2: remove ridges, smooth and add shine to nails using the 4 steps Buffer.

Step 3: Apply Cuticle Treatment over entire nail cuticle and under nail tip. Massage this luxury blend of moisturizing oils until completely absorbed. Wash hands with soap and water before applying polish. Use it several times a week for healthy looking nails.

Step 4: indulge the sense with Cellular Energizing Body Lotion while it nourishes and soothes your skin.

Cellular Body Lotion

Lavish your skin with nourishing moisture and enliven your senses with an uplifting scent. Cellular Energizing Body Lotion delivers essential moisturization leaving the skin Nourished refreshed and energized.