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Coconut Benefits For Your Skin

COCONUT! COCONUT! COCONUT! One of the natural ingredients we use in our skincare products is coconut. Coconut extract brings many benefits to your skin since its a natural anti-oxidant. Our Illuminating Gold Fusion Set is enriched with coconut benefits that reveal a luminous complexion. Coconut extraction can protect the skin from bacteria, and fungi. This natural ingredient helps improve skin texture by revealing a softer and smoother feel. Its anti-aging properties result in slowing down the aging process while reducing damages from free radicals and the sun. The antioxidants and fatty acids in coconut extract help stimulate collagen production. Its

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Essential Skincare Products For Any Skin Type

The top five products you need on a daily or weekly bases to keep your skin glowing throughout the years! Everyone wants healthy-looking skin but most of us don’t know where to start. The struggle starts with what products you really need. There are many serums, mask, and creams that can improve your skin but I want to tell you about what are the most essentials you really need. These are the top five essentials you need to have! Purifying Cleansing Gel is the most obvious product you need. It’s the main product too! Cleansing your face from sebums and

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Why Should We Work Out?

This is a question we all ask ourselves, why should we work out? Honestly, you can usually just think of one thing that really helps when working out which is loosing weight. But, it’s not the only benefit of working out. Obviously, our main goal when working out is to gain muscle or loose some weight. I want to tell you that there are more benefits that can really be helpful for your body. Benefits of Working Out SLEEP. Best benefit of working out is how quickly you could fall asleep. Let’s face it most of us, struggle to fall

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