Dermalactives™ provides you with a one year manufacturer warranty on your device.

Dermalactives™ cannot guarantee the quality of products sold by non-authorized retailers. Purchasing Dermalactives™ products from Internet sites not legitimately representing Dermalactives™ products forfeits this warranty. This includes non-authorized retailers on Amazon®.

Warranty Instructions:
In order to exchange your damaged items, please send us the following:

A. The damaged device.
B. Completed warranty card.
C. Copy of the original receipt, or bank statement, as proof of purchase.
D. $49.99USD service fee (will be collected over the phone ,by check or money order).

*The service fee may vary for certain products.

No products will be replaced without this payment attached.

Please send the above to:
20725 Prairie St, Chatsworth, CA 91311 or contact us at:  (888) 546-9704
(please allow 7-10 business days from the day received the product)

*If your Dermalactives™ product has malfunctioned within thirty days of purchase, please redeem your warranty by mail. The $49.99USD service fee is waived. You may also return to the original location of purchase to service your warranty immediately.

***Dermalactives™ is aware of non-authorized parties selling potentially counterfeit Dermalactives™ products on Amazon®. This communication is to serve notice to our valued customers, retailers and distributors that Dermalactives™ is aware of this issue and actively working to resolve the issues. Please note that Dermalactives™ will NOT honor the warranty for any products sold on Amazon® by non-authorized retailers.