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Cleansing Routine Tips for Perfect Skin

First things first – every skin type is different. After you have discovered which type your skin belongs, take a look at these tips and apply the proper ones to your daily cleansing routine.

Double cleanse?

There is a difference between overwashing and cleansing your skin thoroughly. If you are wearing makeup daily, work in a polluted area, or have oily or combination skin, then yes – you should definitely make double cleansing a part of your evening routine. After a thorough cleanse your skin will absorb the moisturizing and hydrating products more effectively.

Tip: Make sure you always use warm water in your cleansing routine. Hot water can irritate and inflame the skin, while cold water lacks a soothing effect and the ability to thoroughly remove make-up residue.


A deep peel should never be a part of your daily cleansing routine but it is definitely necessary on a weekly basis. Its deep exfoliating properties increase cell turnover and reveal bright and evenly toned skin underneath the previously piled up layer of dead skin cells.

Tip: Do not scrub before you’ve cleansed.



A toner should be applied after cleansing and before putting on anything else. 

Tip: The usual application method is to use a cotton pad and apply it on your face. But that way you might end up losing a lot of product; Applying toner with clean hands is the most efficient.


Filled with concentrated doses of active nutritive ingredients, these elixirs can resolve multiple skin issues, from dark spots to wrinkles. Even if you don’t have any specific problems, everyone still needs a general antioxidant serum in the morning to protect from daily aggressors. 

Tip: All serums have a different application frequency.


The main function of a moisturizer is to hydrate and soften the skin. Moisturizers actually assist in preventing water loss through the skins’ outer layers. They can also complement the protective oils and other building blocks within the skin. 

Tip: This is one product that is recommended using every season, for all skin types.

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