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Are we still in danger from COVID – 19?

Even though it seems as if the danger of COVID -19 is decreasing, we must not forget that we are still exposed to bacteria and viruses on a daily basis. The Coronavirus, as well as many others, can live up to 96 hours on your phone screen. One conducted study found that the average person picks up their phone 2,600 times per day, and touches their face 23 times per hour! But don’t worry, you can stay safe with simple precautions such as cleaning your phone daily. Here are a couple of suggestions from Apple. Also, The World Health Organization recommends cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based hand gel regularly and thoroughly or washing your hands often.

hand sanitizer covid 19

As a dermatology and hygiene-oriented company, we at Dermalactives fell we have a responsibility to help you stay safe. That is the reason we created our very own alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer. We made it with care – practical and in many shapes and sizes: The 32oz – large bottle, for home use, 4oz – small and perfect for on-the-go, and 8oz – the best of both sides. And for those of you who like to stock up for the long run, Hand Sanitizer bundles are available as well.

The features of our hand gel were carefully selected for our one goal of keeping you safe:

  • Contains 65% Ethyl Alcohol – Kills 99.99% germs effectively.
  • Acts quickly to fight off microorganisms on hands.
  • No washing, quick-drying, easy to use, mild hand protection.
  • The Antimicrobial Formula will keep your hands bacteria-free, and at the same time emit a soft and light bouquet. Your hands will be instantly clean and will feel smooth and fresh.

The protection measures we have been told about so often these past few weeks should be our daily habits in general, and not only in a time of crisis. 

Stay safe – maintain good hygiene.

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