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Why is the Dermalactives Hand Sanitizer the ultimate weapon against the Coronavirus

There is a lot of different kinds of hand sanitizer: gels, foams, alcohol-based, all-natural, ones that smell like lavender or camomile, but the only thing that really matters and works is one ingredient and its concentration – alcohol.

A hand sanitizer that is over 60% ethyl alcohol is the only one that can fight germs efficiently. You may have come across alcohol-free sanitizers, with natural active ingredients like aloe vera; Keep in mind that they might kill some germs but not enough to keep you safe. 

We know that alcohol kills viruses, but do not create your own hand sanitizer. You should use quality-controlled and tested products that provide effective sanitation.

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Demalactives Hand Sanitizer actively fights off bacteria and viruses

  • Antimicrobial Formula will keep your hands bacteria-free
  • 65% Ethyl Alcohol
  • Kills 99.99% germs effectively
  • No washing, quick-drying
  • Mild hand protection

In order for a sanitizer to be effective, it has to reduce a certain amount of microbes from a surface. And the Dermalactives antimicrobial formula will keep your hands bacteria-free at all times.

It may surprise you that there actually is a right and a wrong way to apply hand sanitizer.

WHO recommends that sanitizer users should rub their right palm over the back of the left hand with interlaced fingers (and vice versa), rub palm to palm with fingers interlaced, and rub the backs of fingers to the opposing palms with fingers interlocked.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers protect by breaking down the germs; That means that the alcohol needs to hang around long enough to work. The exposure time needs to be more than 20 seconds. If you only apply an amount that dries in 10 seconds – that probably isn’t enough.

Our Hand Sanitizer is perfect to use on the go when you cannot wash your hands in warm water and soap. It is available in 32oz large bottles, perfect for staying safe and in quarantine, but also in 4oz practical bottles for the outside. It contains 65% Ethyl Alcohol and is sulfate-free and paraben-free. It fights off germs and bacteria effectively. 

This is our solution to keep you safe. 

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