Pore Enhancing Beauty Device
Pore Enhancing Beauty Device

Pore Enhancing Beauty Device

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This technology is non-invasive and non-irritant; It’s four main functions are:

1. Exfoliation

2. Skin firming

3. Pore cleansing

4. Comedo suction

3 reviews for Pore Enhancing Beauty Device

  1. Sophia M.

    I love this pore machine! You need to make sure to steam your face before! It can really get rid of black heads and white heads! make sure to use the right tap too. trust me it will work.

  2. katie

    I got this device last month and I have loved it! it does leave a bruise if you do not steam your face before! so make sure to steam your face!!! then use this device to suck out your blackheads

  3. anonymous

    I use this device for my blackheads on the side of my face and it really does work but it did leave me a bruise for like a couple of hours. I recommend using it when you are not going anywhere and after showering and cleansing your face

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