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If you are part of Instagram and follow fashion and beauty trends you have probably seen the gold masks that some of the most famous Victoria’s Secret models use before big runway shows. They have posted gorgeous pictures of them donning these 24K gold masks as part of their beauty cleansing routine before filming their yearly runway show. Now, for most of us, this is the first time we have seen these kinds of masks. What benefits do they provide and is it something we can try?
Dermalactives 24k Gold Mask
This mask is made of 24K gold and is recommended to apply directly to the skin. The mask also has collagen and essential oils to help soothe the skin. Usually, the mask is left in place for twenty minutes to provide the full effect. As can be expected, the mask does not come cheap, but according to the models who swear by them, they are worth every penny.
Formulated for the ultimate in luxurious mineral-based skin care, this unique facial mask combines 24K gold with enriched vitamins and extracts to deeply nourish the skin and enhance its natural luminosity.
The anti-aging benefits of gold were renowned even in the time of Cleopatra. With antioxidant and antimicrobial effects, pure gold helps to improve skin circulation and alleviate environmental damage, while creating a natural skin firming effect and a smooth, even tone.
The richness of vitamins and collagen boosts cell regeneration. Together with the natural properties of this enriching facial mask work with the effects of magnetic power to help infuse the active ingredients directly and deeply into the skin.
The nutritive blend, with the fortified richness of 24K gold, leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, with a clear, radiant tone and restored firmness.
Why Gold?
Gold for years has been known as a skin soother and anti-inflammatory substance. These masks have a cooling effect on the skin that can reduce puffiness and all manner of skin issues. They can also leave skin feeling very soft, with a bit of a glow that comes from the hydrating properties these masks provide. They help even out skin tone, as well, and can add elasticity, making them ideal for aging skin.
Is it For You?
From all of the benefits the gold mask provides, it would be perfect for most skin types, even the most sensitive ones. If you can afford it and you want to have excellent skin, then Dermalactives 24K gold mask is something to definitely try.
Gold masks are growing in popularity because of the results they offer. They leave your skin soft, and more flexible, and they can add a natural glow that you will not get with anything else. There is a reason

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