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3 Main Benefits of Collagen and Elastin for your skin

When it comes to skin care, you’ve probably heard the words collagen and elastin too often and are by now wondering – what is all the fuss about? To make it simple – collagen and elastin are two key proteins that work together on maintaining the skin’s strength and firmness. Here are just some of the benefits they provide: 1. Resilience Although elastin only makes up about 2% of total protein in the dermis of the skin (unlike collagen that makes about 80%), it is crucial for providing the skin with resilience. It helps the skin endure the constant stress

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3 reasons to use the Dermalactives Mud Soap

As a conscious brand, Dermalactives takes great care in promoting the importance of staying healthy and safe during the pandemic. Washing your hands often should be a priority – the least you can do to help break the chain. But in this situation, your skin is going to suffer. Have you already noticed the dryness? Hydrate!Keeping your skin hydrated has multiple benefits: Slows the visible signs of premature aging Staying well hydrated helps in maintaining your skin’s elasticity and decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Improves the appearance of your skinA lack of hydration can make your skin look dry, flaky,

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5 Reason We Love Our Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask

You can never go wrong with treating your skin to our Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask. Its exclusive age-defying treatment leaves your face glowing. The purpose of this mask is to achieve healthy beautiful skin. By rebuilding and nourishing our deepest layers of the skin. Any skin type will benefit due to its enriched antioxidant and powerful collagen, elastin, and omega 3 infused formula. Of course, our first reason why we love Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask is that its gold! Not only will gold give you a beautiful youthful look but it has more benefits to it. Gold has

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